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Mind Magic Studio 7

Studio 7.jpg

It all started in 1988 with Mind Magic Studio the first business venture. Pictured

is Mind Magic Studio 7


Tracking, Overdubing and Mixing Space​​

Do you just want to utilize our space to track your band project?

Do you want to take your tracks away, overdub and come back for a mix ?

Do you want conception to completion full studio services?

Are you looking for world class players for your project?

We understand the needs of the  modern recording studio client. We can accomplish what ever mix of services fit your needs and budget.

Studio Listening Room

Some examples of Mind Magic Studio Work

Too Much Information - MMP Group
Buzz - Tony Lupoli
Get That Groove - 4 Guys In Disguise
Ming - Joe Carozza Group
Studio 1

Past picture of Alyson my daughter recording a practice for a NYSMA event in ISO 1 of Studio 1

Possibilities - Dog Face
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